How Doug Eckert Led to the Passage of the Homemade Food Freedom Act 

Doug Eckert is a small business owner with a big impact. As the owner of Grandma Doug’s Bakery in Oklahoma, his entrepreneurial spirit and generosity has led to the passage of the Homemade Food Freedom Act. This act allows home bakers in Oklahoma to sell their goods online. Not only has it had a significant impact on local businesses, but on the state’s economy as well. Let’s explore how this inspiring entrepreneur used his baking skills to expand freedom for home bakers and give back to those less fortunate than himself. 

Doug’s journey began when he opened his bakery in 2017. His goal was to use his baking skills as a way to reach out and give back to those less fortunate than himself. He started slowly, selling cakes and pies at local farmers’ markets with gross sales hovering around $20,000 per year. After getting some recognition from customers, Doug decided it was time to expand his business even further by selling online. However, this was not an easy task due to the laws that were in place at the time which limited what home bakers could do in terms of sales and marketing efforts. 

Doug quickly realized that if he was going to be successful in expanding his business, he would have to work with lawmakers to change these laws. He partnered with other small business owners and entrepreneurs across Oklahoma who shared similar goals for expanding freedom for home bakers in their state. Together they lobbied state legislators and eventually succeeded in getting them on board with passing the Homemade Food Freedom Act, which allowed home bakers like Doug to sell online without having any restrictions put on them or needing any special licenses or permits. This law also removed any limits on gross sales, which allowed Doug’s bakery income from $20,000 per year to jump up almost fourfold to $75,000 annually! 

By opening up more opportunities for small businesses across Oklahoma, this law has helped create jobs where there were none before and has given people more options when it comes to choosing where they want their money spent locally, instead of sending it out of state or overseas. This increased economic activity has been beneficial not only for entrepreneurs like Doug but also for residents across Oklahoma who are now able to shop locally while keeping their money close by supporting local businesses instead of ones located elsewhere. 

Doug Eckert is an inspiring example of an entrepreneur who saw a need for change and worked hard until he achieved success—not just success for himself, but success for others too! His dedication led him down a path that resulted in him becoming one of the driving forces behind bringing about change that ultimately gave home bakers across Oklahoma more freedom when it came time to sell their goods online without being restricted by laws or regulations that had previously been put into place limiting what they could do with their businesses. Thanks to people like Doug working hard every day we can all benefit from increased opportunities that come with expanded freedoms within our communities. 

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