Are we failing our Veterans? 

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is failing to provide timely and adequate healthcare to the very Veterans it is meant to serve. In 2014, reports surfaced that Veterans were being forced to wait weeks and even months for medical appointments. In Pheonix, a secret waitlist was discovered where at least 40 Veterans died while waiting for care. Despite efforts by Congress to address these issues through the VA Mission Act of 2018, the VA continues to obstruct Veterans’ access to the care they need. 

This is where Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) comes in. CVA is a grassroots organization made up of Veterans, military family members, and patriotic Americans who work to defend the freedoms that Veterans fought and sacrificed for. CVA is dedicated to ensuring that Veterans receive the healthcare they deserve and that the laws passed by Congress are being followed. 

One of the most pressing issues facing Veterans is access to timely health care. For years, the VA has struggled to provide care in a timely manner, and Veterans have suffered as a result. The VA Mission Act of 2018 was meant to address this problem by allowing Veterans to seek care outside the VA system if they choose to do so. However, the VA has continued to place obstacles in the way of Veterans seeking care, undermining the very purpose of the law. 

CVA is taking action to address this problem. The organization has been working tirelessly to ensure that Veterans receive the care they need, including advocating for more access to community care and pushing for reforms within the VA itself. CVA has also been working to hold the VA accountable for its failures and to ensure that Veterans are not left behind. 

The name of the organization, Concerned Veterans for America, reflects the belief that Veterans have a responsibility to continue serving their country after their time in the military is over. This service takes many forms, including advocating for policies that promote American liberty and prosperity. CVA believes that the principles it advocates for Veterans apply to the entire American populace, and that by advancing these principles, Veterans can help make America a better place for all. 

One of the key principles that CVA advocates for is freedom of choice. Veterans should have the freedom to choose where they receive their healthcare, and they should not be forced to wait for weeks or months to receive the care they need. This principle applies not only to Veterans but to all Americans, and CVA believes that promoting choice in health care is crucial to improving healthcare outcomes and lowering costs. 

CVA is also committed to advocating for a strong national defense. As Veterans, CVA members understand the importance of a strong and capable military, and they are dedicated to ensuring that America remains safe and secure. CVA believes that a strong military is essential to protecting America’s interests abroad and to defending the freedoms that Veterans fought for. 

 By advocating for freedom of choice and a strong national defense, CVA is working to ensure that America remains safe, secure, and prosperous. 

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